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What if you built healthy buildings?

INDALO®: make the right choices to ensure quality air in your future building

INDALO® is your indoor air quality simulation software during the design or renovation phase.

Whether you are a thermal analysis engineer or an project owner support, you can verify that your design choices (materials, ventilation) will provide optimal air quality in your future building.

With INDALO®, you identify the right materials and ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ). You secure your IAQ objectives (compliance with regulatory thresholds or labeling and certification requirements), you identify the sources of indoor air pollution or study the impact of outdoor pollution on indoor air quality.

You can even assess the risk of the coronavirus spreading in your building (see INDALO-COVID).

Indoor air quality for everyone

We’re not asking you to be air quality specialists, we’re not asking you to code. INDALO® is the physiochemistry of air pollution made accessible by chemists and developers to make your life easier. A digital model and basic information are sufficient to predict the air quality of the future building.

Cloud and BIM-compatible solution

INDALO® is available as a plug-in for Autodesk Revit® or as an INDALO IAQ module on Pleiades sold by Izuba energies.

Resulting from a research project, INDALO® is a validated and unique solution

INDALO® uses INCA-Indoor© , the only validated calculation engine for indoor air chemistry, developed during a 3-year research project carried out at the universities of Strasbourg and La Rochelle. Combining databases of pollutant emissions from materials and outdoor air, the tool is able to predict pollutant concentrations in a room of a building during its design phase (or during heavy renovation). It simulates the quality of the indoor air, taking into account:

  • materials used in the building,
  • ventilation systems,
  • room occupancy,
  • outdoor air pollution,
  • furniture.

During a calculation, INDALO® thus performs millions of mathematical operations to predict the concentrations of hundreds of pollutants in the building. In order to save you time, INDALO® performs all of its calculations on dedicated Octopus Lab servers.

Demo and case studies

Would you like to know more about INDALO®? Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions. We would be happy to show you our case studies and give you a FREE demo of our software.

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    +33(0)3 74 09 63 39

    237 rue du Ballon – La Madeleine 59110

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