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Mastering your indoor air quality and reduce your energy bills !

Choose the world’s only predictive solutions for healthcare establishments that meet the dual objective of energy efficiency and health !

Reconcile health and energy savings, it's possible

Our predictive solutions are accessible to all types of healthcare establishments : hospitals, nursing homes, medical and social centres, laboratories, etc. We tailor our solutions and offers to suit your needs and budget.


Save energy

Reduce your energy consumption with intelligent, predictive control of your ventilation and heating systems.


Monitor your indoor air quality

Protect the health of your patients, doctors and staff by monitoring your indoor air quality and predictively controlling your ventilation.

Estimate the risk of virus propagation

Study the risk of virus contamination in your building using our INDALO® modelling solution.

Reduce your energy bills

Our INDALO® Supervision solution anticipates and avoids indoor pollution by intelligently managing ventilation and heating based on its predictions.

Thanks to AI and predictive calculations based on our INCA Indoor© engine, we can choose the best possible scenario, depending on your objectives, to ensure healthy air at all times while reducing your energy consumption.

Our solutions for
healthcare buildings

Are you renovating or building your establishment?


Simulate the indoor air quality of your establishment during the design and/or renovation phase

The solution preferred by our customers that combines health and energy savings

INDALO® Supervision

Monitor and improve your indoor air quality while controling your HVAC system.

Choose your plan and save energy

Make the right choice for you and your patients