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Reduce your carbon footprint
and ensure the comfort of your occupants

Achieve energy savings of up to 60% with predictive control of your commercial buildings’ HVAC systems !

Thanks to our unique technology, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint while improving your indoor air quality !

High-performance and connected commercial buildings

We are the only company today to offer a predictive solution that reconciles energy performance and air quality.

économies d'énergie

Reduce your energy consumption

Our solution allows you to drastically reduce the load on your AHU (by up to 80%) and make significant energy savings by controlling the heating.

No over-consumption, no over-quality!


Manage your indoor air quality

Thanks to our air quality predictions, you can keep control of your indoor air. So you can avoid indoor pollution and reduce its energy impact.

More comfort, more performance!


Communicate positively with your occupants

Raise your occupants’ awareness of environmental issues relating to air quality and energy. Respond to the environmental challenges of our time and strengthen your CSR approach.

We improve the efficiency and comfort of commercial buildings

Using AI and our predictive calculations, we offer intelligent, predictive control of your ventilation and heating systems. We take into account our predictions of air quality, occupancy and energy impact.

As a result, you can make significant energy savings (up to 60%) while improving the comfort and health of your occupants.

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Take control
of your building

Our strength? Prediction.
We have created a unique calculation system, INCA Indoor©, which, combined with AI, enables us to make reliable predictions of thermal comfort and air quality.

Predicting these parameters means controlling energy consumption and guaranteeing the health of occupants.

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The solution preferred by our customers that combines performance and comfort

INDALO® Supervision

Decarbonise your buildings and improve your indoor air quality.

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Monitor and improve your indoor air quality.

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