Case studies :
Predictive HVAC control of a retirement home


  • Retirement home
  • 600m2 – Ground floor
  • Around Paris
  • 10 rooms

Ventilation system

  • Double flow AHU
  • 10 variable flow boxes
  • Adjustable operating speed for each zone

Heating system

  • Gas boiler


Control the AHU, the variable flow boxes and the heating in the EHPAD, making the right compromise between indoor air quality and outdoor air quality.

Faire des économies d’énergie et garantir la qualité de l’air intérieur.


Deployment ofINDALO® Supervision
Smart plan

indoor air quality

Installation of 5 sensors on the premises:
– 3  CO2 – VOC – PM sensors
– 1 CO2 – VOC – PM – NOx sensors

Online control of
the dual-flow AHU

The VMC is controlled by limit values for the concentration of CO2 and particulate matters.

Results with only
predictive ventilation control

- 0 %

of AHU load

Expert plan
Predictive HVAC control

Predictive control of heating according to occupancy, external disturbances (weather) and the building’s thermal inertia.
In this way, we limit situations of over-consumption and discomfort.

HVAC control

0 %

energy savings

ROI from the 1st winter !


0 tonnes

of CO2 avoided in one year


Maintaining air quality with pollutant levels within regulatory thresholds for optimum comfort


100% implementation by Octopus Lab of building-wide control via the BMS connection

économies d'énergie

Reduction and optimisation of the operation of the CMV (time amplitudes and motor intensity)

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