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Save energy and protect the health of your audience

Our solutions can be deployed in all types of public buildings (schools, colleges, secondary schools, music conservatories, swimming pools, etc.) to ensure good indoor air quality management while reducing your energy consumption.

Healthy and energy-efficient buildings

We have designed predictive solutions to make all types of building healthier and more eco-responsible. Our ambition is to create greener cities for tomorrow.


Reduce your energy impact

Our solution uses prediction to reduce the energy impact of your ventilation, whether natural or mechanical, and heating. So there’s no over-quality or over-heating in your establishments.


Limit your sensor costs

Our unique IAQ modelling and prediction technology reduces the number of sensors needed in your buildings.


Protect the health of your audience

You can measure, monitor and improve your indoor air quality thanks to our predictions, personalised recommendations and, if equipped, ventilation control.

Stop over-ventilating your public buildings !

Thanks to our indoor air quality predictions, we can control your ventilation just when you need it. You avoid over-quality and over-ventilation, significantly reducing your energy consumption (by up to 30%!).

We go much further than time programming or CO2 sensor control!

public recommandations

Don’t have ventilation ? Access our daily aeration recommendations and reduce your energy impact.

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Raise awareness and communicate with your audience

We are providing a QR code and a public interface (on a tablet or smartphone) to enable you to communicate about the quality of your indoor air.

Building occupants will also be able to access daily aeration recommendations.
Based on our predictive calculations, we choose the best time to open the window (when outside pollution is at its lowest) and the optimum duration. This encourages you to renew the indoor air, while avoiding the need to open the windows for long periods during the heating season.

Our solutions for
public buildings

Are you renovating or building your establishment?


Simulate the indoor air quality of your establishment during the design and/or renovation phase

The solution preferred by our customers that combines health and sobriety

INDALO® Supervision

Monitor and improve your indoor air quality while controling your HVAC system.

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Combine energy savings and health