Make your buildings safe and sustainable

Simulate the indoor air quality of your buildings during the conception or renovation phase using INDALO® solution.


INDALO ® is a the only solution able to predict the concentration of pollutants in the air and the risk of viral infection in your building.
It helps you make the right choices for your building design or renovation and guarantee an excellent indoor air quality.

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Prevent unpleasant surprises at delivery

Make the right choices when selecting your building materials and your ventilation system.
Ensure your building meets the mandatory air quality standards and prevent unpleasant surprises at delivery.


Secure your IAQ goals
and get certified

Choose the best script to achieve IAQ objectives required by environmental certifications (BREEAM, WELL, LEED…).

Promote your eco-building projects

Thanks to its colorful models,
INDALO® values your building’s eco-responsability.

Promote your project with a before/after works, according to the materials and the ventilation system.

A unique predictive solution

INDALO® uses INCA-Indoor©, the only validated calculation engine for indoor air chemistry, developed during a 3-year research project carried out by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME).

It simulates the quality of the indoor air, taking into account :
– More than 900 VOC 
– Particulate matter (PM)
– Ozone and nitrogen oxides
– Viral charge

We predict the concentration of hundreds of polluants while taking into account their emission source, aeraulic transfers, photochemical interactions and surfaces/pollutants interactions.

INDALO® helps you make the right choices during your construction work

Based on materials pollutant emission (wall and floor coverings, adhesives, joinery, etc.) and their chemical reactivity, INDALO® helps you choose the best suited materials for your project.

Our solution includes a materials emissions database gathering more than 9,000 elements. It's in constant development thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers.

INDALO ® helps you choose, check and validate your ventilation management (flow rate, operating mode, filters, etc.).

Compare single and dual flow ventilation systems, study the impact of outdoor pollution on indoor air quality, filters efficiency, etc.

INDALO® also includes outdoor pollution and weather conditions in its calculations.

Our solution allows you to compare indoor air quality according to the season and your building's location.

INDALO® provides accurate humidity levels predictions in the rooms to be built.

By combining these results with surface temperature calculations, we obtain an accurate indication of the mold formation risk due to condensation.

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Mesure the efficiency of the various ways of limiting the risk of  viral transmission and identify the best scenario (use of an air purifier, filter change, etc.).

INDALO® is able to predict the fate of a virus inside a building. As a result, you can assess the risk of a viral propagation in each of your rooms.

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INDALO simulation

You have a construction or a renovation project?

INDALO ® allows you to choose between two ages for materials: 1 month or 1 year. The products available in the material library report pollutant emissions at an age of 28 days (corresponding to 1 month in INDALO®). These emissions are derived from actual data measured in laboratory by manufacturers.

For a 1 year old material, we estimate a reduction in emissions for each of the materials (value determined using the various measurement data available to us). As a result, a renovation including recycled materials will produce less emissions than using brand new materials.

Outdoor air quality and weather data used in INDALO ® are collected from an European database. By entering the location of a building, data is retrieved from the database to report on outdoor air quality (O3, NO2, PM2.5 and PM10) and weather at the project site. By the means of extrapolation, it is possible to generate data with an accuracy of approximatly 1 km.

Outdoor air pollution fluctuates with the season. In winter, there may be particulate matter pollution, while in summer, ozone or nitrogen dioxide pollution may be more prevalent. That’s why we suggest running simulations on 2 different dates to see how the outdoor air quality affects the pollution levels inside the building.

INDALO® and INDALO® Supervision are available in english and in french.

Yes, it is. Contact us and request a free 15-day trial on INDALO® Pleiades or INDALO® Revit.

Your construction work is completed ?

Achieve your indoor air quality objectives in your building while reducing your energy bills !

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