BMS system
Make your building management easier !

Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills up to 60% with our BMS system solution !

Our BMS solution control
all your equipments

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HVAC systems

The equipment is operating optimally thanks to INDALO® Supervision, the only predictive solution that improves the energy performance of your systems while guaranteeing good levels of air quality for several pollutants simultaneously.


Our ambient and multi-pollutant sensors (or your own) monitor in real time thecomfort and the air quality of your buildings.

Individual management

Fan coils are individually controlled to adjust the heating or cooling requirements while using as little energy as possible.

Thermal comfort

INDALO® Supervision gives you better control over your heating and DHW systems

BMS connexion

Connected to your BMS or directly to your equipment, our PLCs, such as Octopilot®, send intelligent control instructions to your building.

Setting up a BMS has never been easier !

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Our complete knowledge of hardware and software architectures enables a quick solution deployment and a simplified commissioning.



You benefit from INDALO® Supervision best features via our BMS system solution and control your equipment autonomously.

Upgrade or replace an existing BMS

Our BMS system is a self-contained solution that can be connected to a preexisting BMS system, improving your equipment supervision and control. 

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We own our solution : in the absence of intermediary, compatibility and integration with your equipment get easy. 

Start your energy transition

Our BMS system is perfeclty adapted to commercial buildings : it provides data feedback (energy consumption, comfort, air quality, warning…) and smart control of your HVAC equipment at a highly competitive cost.

Of course. We can connect your BMS system to INDALO® Supervision with an API or a gateway such as the Octopilot®.

If you are an operator/maintainer, you can install the solution with the backing of our engineers. You can also delegate the integration or the installation to us and we’ll carry out the deployment.

All sensors, gateways and PLCs are easy to install as they are entirely wireless. All equipments can be added to the existing installation without affecting its operation.

We propose a flexible and customisable solution

We can take care of everything : from equipment to solution deployment, data processing and predictive control. Discover our services and choose what is right for you !