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Improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of your buildings

Design, renovate and operate your residential buildings so that they are healthier for occupants and more energy-efficient in use.

Design tomorrow's living spaces

At Octopus Lab, we firmly believe that tomorrow’s homes must be carbon-neutral, but also healthy for their occupants.
That’s why we’ve created solutions that reduce energy consumption while improving indoor air quality.


your housing stock

Make the right choice of materials and ventilation strategy to design homes that are healthy and sustainable for you and your occupants.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Thanks to AI and our predictive calculations, we can control your HVAC systems to significantly reduce your energy impact and maintain good indoor air quality.


Limit the formation of mould

Manage and anticipate the formation of mould in your buildings. Take action before your homes deteriorate and protect the health of their occupants !


Get your environmental certifications

Our teams and solutions can help you obtain environmental certification.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings

Accelerate your buildings’ energy transition with predictive control of your HVAC systems.
Our predictive technology, INCA Indoor©, combined with AI, reduces the use of the AHU to just what is needed (by up to 80%) and optimises heating operation. As a result, you no longer over-ventilate and you avoid over-heating.

We reduce your energy consumption, and therefore your greenhouse gas emissions.

bâtiments résidentiels

Our solutions for
residential buildings

Are you renovating or building your establishment?


Simulate the indoor air quality of your establishment during the design and/or renovation phase

The solution preferred by our customers that combines energy savings and health

INDALO® Supervision

Monitor and improve your indoor air quality while controling your HVAC system.

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