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INDALO ® Supervision

INDALO® Supervision

Reduce your environmental impact and preserve the health of your occupants

INDALO ® Supervision, the only predictive solution for indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy savings in your buildings.

The only solution
combining energy efficiency and health

INDALO® Supervision is a software service dedicated to the smart management of your buildings.

Achieve major energy savings and monitor your building’s comfort and health parameters, as well as its energy consumption. 


Preserve your
occupants' health

Through controlled and optimized air renewal, INDALO® Supervision predicts and prevents indoor pollution for an improved air quality.

Achieve easily your wellness goals and get certified (BREEAM, WELL, LEED…)

économies d'énergie

Make energy

Prevent over-quality and over-consumption through ventilation and predictive heating management

Reduce your AHU utilisation by up to 80% and energy consumption by up to 60%.


Promote your cause and raise awareness among your audience

Demonstrate a positive commitment to the environment and the well-being of your occupants with INDALO® Supervision and its resources.

Improve your building's energy efficiency

Through the creation of a 3D digital twin of your building, INDALO® Supervision Expert optimizes and control your HVAC system.

Easily connected to your equipment or your BMS, INDALO® Supervision manages your entire system and retrieves your energy consumption data.

This intelligent and predictive control improves indoor air quality while reducing your energy consumption.

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Our strength?
We're 24 hours ahead of our competitors and yours

Thanks to INDALO® Supervision predictions and physico-chemical and thermal calculations, you can see what will happen in your building over the next 24 hours.

↳ Meeting air quality requirements by anticipating and preventing pollution exceedances.

Limit the energy impact of your natural ventilation thanks to our daily ventilation recommendations based on our predictive calculations, which are provided to the occupants (in the absence of mechanical ventilation).

Optimise your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) with thermal comfort and indoor air quality predictions.

↳ Reduce your sensor budget thanks to our modelling technology, that provides IAQ and other pollutants information in every room, even the unmonitored ones.

↳ Reduce your energy consumptionby predictively controlling your ventilation (reducing up to 70% of your AHU use), when you’re already optimising heating.

for all purposes

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Easily access your dashboard to monitor your building's parameters.

You can view your real estate portfolio globally, as well as by building and room. 

This includes measured parameters such as temperature, humidity,
energy consumption, CO2, and more, as well as detected pollutants like COV, OM, O3, NO2, and others.

Additionally, indoor air quality predictions for the next 24 hours are available.

Receive notifications for pollution peaks, abnormal temperatures, and equipment malfunctions.

We offer QR codes and a mobile app to occupants, providing access to a wide range of information and recommendations, including : 
- Real-time air quality information
- 24-hour forecasts
- Daily ventilation recommendations based
on predictive calculations to avoid indoor and outdoor pollution,
- Activity monitoring.

Our solution is also compatible with tablet and desktop displays.

Simplify monitoring and maintenance with air quality reports.

Receive synthesis reports for your entire real estate, as well as complete and customized reports by building and room.

Access them directly from INDALO® Supervision or receive them by mail.

Our solution predicts indoor air quality for the next 24 hours and provides customized recommendations for natural aeration or ventilation to achieve a balance between indoor and outdoor air.

We can also calculate air quality predictions for non-monitored rooms thanks to our expertise.

Our Smart and Expert plan offers intelligent and predictive control for your HVAC systems.

Our solution is compatible with most common smart building HVAC and BMS equipment.

Our solution is suitable for all types of connected sensors.

We can either equip your building or use your own sensors.

Additionally, we can provide gateway control for your HVAC system. It is easy to deploy and monitors a wide range of parameters, allowing for predictive control of all types of buildings.

An affordable solution that
meets your requirements




The basic air quality monitoring plan

  • ✓ Dashboard
  • ✓ Alerts
  • ✓ Occupants communication
  • ✓ Reports
  • _
  • Advanced analytics (option)

1st Essential subscription for free🔥


Air quality monitoring and improving plan

  • Essential +
  • _
  • ✓ Predictive alerts
  • ✓ 24h predictions 🔥
  • ✓ Recommandations
  • ✓ Non-monitored rooms
  • _
  • Advanced analytics (1 week)


The health and energy savings plan

  • Pro +
  • _
  • ✓ Predictive ventilation control🔥
  • ✓ HVAC/BMS connexion
  • ✓ Building data
  • ✓ Control planning schedule
  • ✓ Offline driving
  • _
  • Advanced analytics (1 week)


The advanced health and energy savings plan

  • Pro +
  • _
  • ✓ HVAC predictive control 🔥
  • ✓ HVAC/BMS connexion
  • ✓ Building data
  • ✓ Control planning schedule
  • ✓ Offline driving
  • ✓ Advanced analytics

Still not convinced ?
Try it for free !

1st Essential subscription for free! 

If your sensors are reliable (from a trustworthy brand) and connected, we can easily integrate them to INDALO® Supervision solution.

Essential and Pro plans allow you to monitor and track your indoor air quality.

Pro package also includes aeration recommandations (at the right time, and for the optimum duration) to ensure air renewal while reducing your natural ventilation energy consumption.

Our solution is compatible with all sensor manufacturers. As a result, we pick your sensors from different suppliers based on your actual needs, whereas a manufacturer will promote its own product range.

Our platform also enables you to reduce the number of sensors required while providing the same level of information.

Congratulations ! Depending on your situation, INDALO® Supervision can help you save even more. How ? INDALO® Supervision ventilates smartly according to its predictions, room occupancy and indoor and outdoor air quality. It adapts constantly, in real-time and by anticipation, unlike time programming.

A CO2-based ventilation system is better than a unregulated ventilation. But you’re still missing out many other pollutants that are way more dangerous for the health !

Besides, a CO2 based ventilation system :
– Does not guarantee an air quality improvement
– Does not trigger pollution alerts
– Keep ventilating even after the occupants have left

INDALO ® Supervision, on the other hand, takes other pollutants into account, conciliate indoor and outdoor air, predicts pollution peaks, sends an alert if exceeded and helps you save energy.

Not at all! We’ve developed our solution to optimize your building’s indoor air quality levels as well as your energy performance.

By ventilating just when it’s needed, INDALO® Supervision achieves a return on investment in less than two years. As a result, you will improve indoor air quality while reducing your energy consumption.