Test your indoor air quality !

As indoor air quality experts, we support you with all your air quality problematics and carry out your building diagnostic.

Why should you test
your indoor air quality ?


Comply with

Achieve IAQ objectives required by environmental certifications (BREEAM, WELL…).

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Identify air

Detect indoor air pollutants through indoor air testing. We are able to measure a wide range of pollutants including NOx, ozone, particulate matter, CO2, light or total VOCs, formaldehyde, benzen and radon.

Improve your indoor
air quality

We’re able to identify your pollutants emissions sources and establish a global action plan to improve your indoor air quality.

Our solution INDALO® Supervision can also be helpful. 

A global and personalized air quality testing

Based on your activity sector, your needs and your issues, we carry out a personalized diagnosis. Over a conjointly defined period of time, we conduct a monitoring survey using sensors or laboratory tested samples.

Following the end of the survey, we send you a complete report including measurement results, a values comparison guide or certifications goals, current regulations, our conclusions on pollutant sources and personalized recommandations.

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A budget-friendly testing

From auto-diagnostic with INDALO® Supervision Essential to complete support, Octopus Lab adapts to your needs and budget

Unfortunatly, none of our offers is suitable for private individual.

It all depends on your needs and on the pollutants being evaluated. Monitoring surveys usually last between a week and a month and can be renewed throughout the year (for example, during heating and non-heating periods).

Sensor rental is included in the diagnostic price. We can also connect to your sensors if you already have some.

What's next ? Improve your indoor air quality !

You have already tested your indoor air and identified the pollutants ? Take action ! Monitor and improve air quality with INDALO® Supervision 

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