octopilot CVC

Optimize and control your HVAC systems !

Through predictive control of your HVAC systems, save up to 60% of energy while ensuring a good indoor air quality.

A high-perfomance HVAC systems control thanks to predictions

The Octopilot® is a communication gateway between INDALO® Supervision and your building technical equipments. 

Make your connected building smart, sustainable and comfortable !


Energy consumption reports

Through the Octopilot® data retrieving, get to know your building and its specific needs : energy consumption, dysfunction…


Predictive online or
offline control

We can act in real time, remotely and in advance on your HVAC systems. We can also provide optimized scheduling to suit your needs.



Our equipments connects to all commons HVAC / BMS systems in smartbuilding so you can control all your technical equipments !



INDALO® Supervision gives you acess to a dashboard centralizing and organizing all the data retrieved by the Octopilot®.

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Simplify your building management

When connected to your building, the Octopilot® becomes a BMS system through INDALO® Supervision.

It collects and centralizes all your building’s data and commands so you can monitor your energy consumption and indoor air quality remotely and in real time.

As a result, you can quickly detect anomalies and adopt corrective actions. Predictive control of your HVAC systems allows you to anticipate and prevent such anomalies.

Ready to lower your building carbon footprint ?

In this case, we’ll provide another gateway from a partner supplier and adapted to INDALO® Supervision.

The Octopilot ® interacts with your equipments through analog signals (0-10 V for example) as well as digital signals such as MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP.

The Octopilot® has it own independant internet acces (via 4G), but can also be connect to the building WiFi. 

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