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Octopus Lab designs and deploys unique and unrivaled predictive solutions that improve your building’s energy efficiency and your indoor air quality.


The power of prediction for your buildings

Our unrivaled predictive technology accelerate your building’s environmental transition.
We provide solutions from building design to its operation.

Octopus Lab



Flexible and suitable for every equipment, our solutions are easy and quick to deploy. Operators from start to finish or solely software intelligence providers, we adjust to your customers needs as well as yours.

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A team
of experts

Octopus Lab is a leader in the air quality and energy fields. You will be supported in all of your projects by a team of committed experts, engineers and researchers.


An unrivaled

We are currently the only ones to offer a patented predictive technology combining the building’s energy efficiency and health for its occupants. 

They trust us

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Julien Burgholzer Deputy general manager

INDALO® is a solution that has enabled us to move from a resources requirement to a requirement for results.

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Nathalie Chazalette Architect

Octopus Lab managed to find out what was wrong in a school where there had been problems with indoor air quality.

area groupe
Nicolas Kergoat Project manager | Environmental department

I am very satisfied with the service. [...] The Octopus Lab team was always available to answer all our questions.

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