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Forecasting Indoor Air Quality

To ensure good air quality in your buildings. To preserve the health of people.
Make the right choices for better air quality

INDALO, the first simulation software for indoor air quality, helps you to design healthy buildings with better indoor air quality by checking your choices of materials, ventilation, furniture…

Ensure good air quality all the time

INDALO Supervision is our software offer dedicated to smart building to ensure good air quality all the time in your building. We anticipate pollution peaks in order to avoid them by intelligently controlling the building ventilation while maintaining its energy performance.


We develop sofware solutions specific to your R&D needs in order to help you to design high quality products.

Design healthy buildings

Our indoor air quality simulation expertise helps you to forecast the concentrations of many indoor air pollutants and brings solutions during the design or renovation phase of your building.

About us

Our goal is to ensure good air quality and preserve it.

Founded in 2017 by Maxence Mendez, Octopus Lab is a French start-up created from academic research results carried out at Strasbourg and La Rochelle Universities. Both an engineering office and a software publisher, Octopus Lab specializes in forecasting indoor air quality. Helping building designers in their construction choices to ensure and preserve good indoor air quality for future occupants is our goal.

  • You design a building
  • We simulate indoor air quality
  • We propose improvements
  • You breathe!


Among 9,000 elements in our product database, find the items of materials and HVAC systems of our partners:

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Our team

We are engineers, doctors, developers, chemistry and building science experts, project managers... Octopus Lab, it's first of all a solid, pluridisciplinary and highly skilled team, attentive to your needs!

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