Case study :
Energy and air quality testing of a cold room


  • Cold room
  • 3000m2
  • North of France


Test the air quality inside a cold room and define the right air renewal requirements to ensure employee health and comfort and mesure the AHU energy impact.

The customer’s objective was to choose the right ventilation system. 

qualité de l'air chambre froide

Step 1 :
Air quality testing

Installation of 5 sensors at various points of the cold room :
– 2 CO2 – T° – Humidity sensors
– 3 VOCs sensors

Installation of a sensor outside the cold room
– 1 CO2 – T° – Humidity sensor

Step 2 :
Air quality simulation

The aim of the modelling is to :
– recreate the CO2 profile measured on site, at 50% activity and 100% activity
– optimise ventilation to meet IAQ objectives, in order to avoid over-ventilation
– determine the energy savings associated with the optimised ventilation scenarios


The customer wanted to install an AHU with a flow rate of 7500m3/h and continuous operation.

Our simulations have shown that the 7500m3/h scenario is clearly not optimised. The energy consumption would be far too high.

We recommended installing an AHU equipped with filters and an air extraction and supply system with a nominal flow rate of 2500m3/h which would make it possible to limit the concentration of CO2 to below 5,000ppm (French Occupational Exposure Limit), whatever the activity in the cold room, while limiting energy consumption.