Case study :
Air quality study for an
office construction project


  • Office construction project including an open space and a R&D area.
  • The offices are adjacent to a production area where particulate matter level measurements have been carried out.
  • The construction site is located in a area predominently covered by factories and offices.

Planned ventilation system

  • Double flow AHU.
  • Ventilation programmed solely on CO2 levels.
  • Recirculation system in openspace only.


Identify design and ventilation choices with a significant impact on indoor air quality.

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The study was carried out using via INDALO®

The building was modeled for the study. Simulations were carried out over a 7-day period representing a typical week.

Informations were provided on : 
– materials, their age and furniture
– previsional occupancy
– air renewal and ventilation systems
– walls sealing
– particulate matter measurements from the production site


Intended materials and ventilation choices can ensure good air quality inside the building.

Ventilation is properly sized and provides a sufficient air renewal in the rooms covered. 

The recirculation system, when activated and coupled with the ventilation system, keeps pollution levels within acceptable limits. It also filters particulates matter from the outside.

However, pollutant levels are very high in the rooms with no circulation.

Our recommandations

We recommend recirculating ventilation in most rooms to prevent excessive particulate matters levels.
This modulation is interesting because it enables to maintain a good air quality while having energy benefits if pollutant peaks occur during heatwaves for exemple.

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