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Swim’Air Vision® for pools

INDALO Supervision

Conciliate air quality & energy savings in your pools

The predictive solution that reconciles air quality and energy efficiency

Swim’air Vision® is your intelligent indoor air quality management software service to anticipate and avoid trichloramine in the air of your aquatic activity facilities. Optimizing energy consumption, the solution preserves the health and comfort of the staff and swimmers of your pools.

This smart building solution predicts the levels of pollutants in your indoor pools and prevents the air from becoming stale by optimizing and intelligently controlling the ventilation system. Be reassured, Swim’air Vision® even reduces your energy bills.

How does it works ?

Trichloramine, a public health issue in indoor swimming pools

Where does it come from and what is its impact on health?

Resulting from the reaction between organic matter (saliva, sweat…) and the chlorine used to disinfect the water, trichloramine found in the air is a very irritating agent. Trichloramine exposure in indoor swimming pools is a real public health issue and particularly affects staff, regular swimmers and children, causing eye, skin and respiratory irritation, rhinitis and asthma.

Protect the health of your staff and swimmers while reducing your energy bill

Born from a collaboration between Octopus Lab and Ethera, a Grenoble-based company expert in air analysis for over 10 years, Swim’air Vision® is based on data from a new version of the NEMo XT TC station, whose trichloramine measurement has been validated by the CSTB.

Swim’air Vision® benefits natively from all the features of INDALO® Supervision, our web-based platform for monitoring and analyzing indoor air quality :

  • 3D digital twin
  • Forecasting based on our artificial intelligence and INCA-Indoor© calculation engine.
  • Real-time and predictive alerts
  • Automated reporting
  • Communication with the building’s technical equipment (AHU, BMS, etc.)

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