INDALO Supervision

INDALO Supervision is our software offer dedicated to smart building to ensure good air quality all the time in your building.

With INDALO Supervision, we anticipate pollution peaks due to human activities (CO2 peak due to high occupancy, particulate matter from outdoor air…) over several days in order to avoid them by intelligently controlling the building ventilation while maintaining its energy performance.

Its features

  • Forecast for CO2 , particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, TVOC
  • Forecast for the entire building (including non-instrumented parts by IAQ sensors)
  • Intelligent building management
  • Optimization of ventilation
  • Sending instructions and recommendations for a better ventilation strategy
  • Pollution and malfunction alerts
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Display of indoor and outdoor air quality in real time and for the next hours, as well as the weather
  • Report exports
  • BIM compliant

A complete offer

1. IAQ diagnosis

When setting up the INDALO Supervision offer, an IAQ audit is carried out by our team. This allows to identify any malfunctions in the ventilation system (flow, filter, etc.), detect the occupant misuses, etc. in order to assess and commit to an IAQ performance.
For this, this step requires the creation and configuration of the supervised building BIM model on our INDALO software. All the information needed to launch simulations is then integrated into this model, namely the technical data of the building, meteorological data, data from sensors measuring IAQ and outdoor pollution.
Finally, based on the results of this IAQ audit and via INDALO simulations, Octopus Lab offers corrective actions for a better ventilation strategy or the replacement of emissive materials, for example.

2. IAQ forcecast and ventilation optimization service

INDALO Supervision feeds on data from IAQ sensors installed in some parts of the building and, thanks to its machine learning coupled with the INCA-Indoor© model, performs continuous IAQ simulations on the entire site.

If the pollution thresholds are exceeded, two cases are possible:

  • the building is equipped with connected ventilation systems – in this case, INDALO Supervision sends the information to these systems so that they start up when necessary to avoid pollution peaks,
  • the supervised building is not equipped with intelligent systems – INDALO Supervision therefore sends alerts and its recommendations to building managers so that they can adjust their ventilation program.

This service includes maintenance of the model. In order to always provide IAQ simulations as close as possible to reality, it is necessary to update the model of the building according to its evolution over time: a partition that has been knocked down, a ventilation system renewed… All these modifications must therefore be integrated into our software so that the IAQ forecast calculations take them into account.


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