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Protect your patients by maintaining good indoor air quality in your establishments

Are you from the healthcare sector?

Opting for INDALO® solutions means :

  • Protect the health of your patients, residents and staff
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Limit the spread of the coronavirus
  • Respect the WHO recommendations in terms of indoor air quality guidelines

Intelligent management of indoor air quality

Equip your establishments with INDALO Supervision for permanently healthy air! This software service provides for the indoor air quality within your accommodation and administrative spaces. It anticipates and avoids indoor pollution by intelligently managing ventilation according to its forecasts.

In addition to preserving the health of your patients and staff, you reduce your energy bill by avoiding over-ventilation.

Finally, avoiding stale air also limits the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

Health risk study linked to Covid-19

Our team of experts will assist you in your decision-making regarding the means to be implemented to limit the risks of contamination.


Our study assesses the impact of cleaning the air (purifiers), increasing the air change rate, changing filters, etc. on reducing the risk of infection.

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