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IAQ Study

Octopus Lab performs forecasting studies of indoor air quality in order to build healthy buildings.

We work on all types of building: schools, nurseries, housing, offices… With all types of actors: local authorities, design offices, project management assistants, builders, promoters, social landlords…

By using exclusive tools, Octopus Lab can digitally simulate the indoor air quality of a building to be built or renovated depending on HVAC systems, materials, furnitures, outdoor air quality, occupancy and human activities.

Octopus Lab supports you:

  • in the operational phase when designing a building
  • in R&D phase to add value to your innovations regarding the health aspect


In operational phase

Do you want to be guided in your design choices or simply have them validated? Do you want to know if the HVAC strategy you have chosen is the most judicious, if you have made the best compromise between IAQ and energy performance or even know the impact of outdoor pollution on your indoor air? Octopus Lab is able to answer all these questions and provides you recommendations!

When designing a building, Octopus Lab provides decision support on the construction or renovation choices that affect indoor air quality. Based on well-chosen criteria (room dimensions, type of design, materials and ventilation systems, furniture), Octopus Lab performs simulations using the INCA-Indoor © model, of which it uses the expertise, in order to determine the resulting IAQ in the future building. A detailed report on the chemical composition of indoor pollution and its origins is provided to you.

In the event that the indoor air quality is poor, Octopus Lab provides you with alternative layout solutions until you obtain a configuration for which indoor air quality is considerably improved and optimal. Our expertise and experience allow efficiency and speed of treatment.

Thanks to these simulations, Octopus Lab provides you with essential information to facilitate or validate your choice of materials, layout and sizing of the ventilation system of a building to ensure high air quality.


In R&D phase

Octopus Lab supports promoters and manufacturers of materials in search of new, more efficient and more virtuous materials or processes.

The Octopus Lab’s expertise allows to bring an in-depth reflection on the health impacts of innovations, the means necessary to characterize their impact on air pollution (tests and measures to be carried out) and the projection of these measures in simulated environments to include innovative solutions throughout the building.

Octopus Lab’s service provision


Air quality study
We carry out the air quality study for you. You send us the information about your project, we take care of everything. Finally, we provide you a report displaying the results, conclusions and recommendations to improve your project : we help you in your construction choices (materials, ventilation), we find the ideal compromise between IAQ and energy performance or ensure certification objectives.

Customized sofware
We develop sofware solutions specific to your R&D program in terms of indoor air quality in order to help you to design high quality products.

€1,000/day (Price may vary depending on project)