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Much better than indoor air quality measurements!

Secure your air quality objectives from the design phase

Octopus Lab supports you to ensure better air quality in your establishments.

Thanks to our exclusive simulation tools, we are able to assess indoor air quality even before your establishment is built or renovated. We can thus guide you in the right choices of materials and ventilation systems to guarantee quality air for future users.

No more unpleasant surprises: the regulatory pollutant threshold values ​​will be respected and everyone will be able to benefit from healthy air.

Guarantee healthy air at all times in your establishments

INDALO Supervision is a software solution that can be deployed in your schools, your nurseries and in all other public buildings to ensure good air quality for the occupants. It is based on measuring devices from our partner Ethera. These allow precise monitoring of formaldehyde and other regulatory pollutants.

INDALO Supervision allows you to monitor the air quality of your building stock, to have a centralized air quality management (archiving of measurements and self-generated expert reports) and to be alerted in the event of a forecast of exceeding or proven exceeding of the regulatory values.

INDALO Supervision can even send piloting instructions to your air handling units based on its indoor air quality predictions. Thus, the system prevents users from breathing stale air and thus preserves everyone’s health.

Limit the risk of the coronavirus spreading in your buildings

We carry out studies to estimate the risk of the spread of Covid in buildings. Thus, we provide you with decision support to implement the best ventilation strategy and the means necessary to limit the risk of contamination.

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