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Breathe healthy air all the time, it’s possible!

The predictive solution that ensures healthy air in your buildings

INDALO Supervision is your software service dedicated to the smart management of your buildings to anticipate indoor pollution and protect the health of occupants.

This smartbuilding solution predicts the levels of pollutants in your rooms and prevents the air from being stale by anticipation by optimizing and intelligently controlling the ventilation system. Rest assured, INDALO Supervision preserves, or even improves, the energy performance of your buildings.

A complete offer for better breathing

Prerequisites: Installation of air quality stations

Because INDALO Supervision’s artificial intelligence uses indoor air quality data, the system requires the installation of IAQ sensors.

We adapt to your equipment if you already have IAQ stations installed to retrieve the necessary information or we call on our partner Ethera to provide it to you.


Let’s start on a good basis

1st step: Implementation of the offer and IAQ diagnosis

Let’s start with an IAQ diagnosis in order to estimate the potential gains on your indoor air quality and propose corrective actions for a better ventilation strategy.
For this, our team of engineers creates and configures the digital model of your building on our INDALO software with all the information required to launch simulations (technical building data, weather, IAQ data, outdoor air, etc.).

You are informed and alerted

2nd step: IAQ forecasting and ventilation optimization service

Thanks to its machine learning coupled with the INCA-Indoor© calculation engine, INDALO Supervision carries out continuous indoor air quality simulations over the entire building, non-instrumented rooms included.

On a dedicated web page, you will be able to:

  • monitor the air quality of your interior in real time and that to come
  • analyze the sources of pollution
  • be warned of exceeding pollution thresholds and malfunctions
  • consult the indoor air quality monitoring report for the past weeks

Relax, INDALO Supervision manages the ventilation system for you

Depending on its predictions, INDALO Supervision will send the ventilation control instructions, in line with a good energy optimization of your building. With or without controllable AHU, compatible with your BMS, INDALO Supervision adapts to meet your equipment and your needs.

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