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Combine energy optimization and indoor air quality!

You are a facility manager, a smart building or an energy and sustainability expert?

What if you offered good air quality to your customers? Distribute INDALO Supervision as a white label solution or integrate it via the API into your existing hypervision systems.

  • Meet the expectations of your customers in this context of Covid-19 where indoor air quality has become a major public health issue
  • Strengthen your maintenance services by benefiting from predictive maintenance alerts
  • Be innovative! Differentiate yourself by including this unique solution in your overall offers

Compatible with energy savings, this indoor air quality prediction software service anticipates and prevents indoor air pollution. It sends the ventilation control instructions according to its forecasts to achieve your indoor air quality objectives. It adapts to the building management systems already in place.

What about the Covid-19?

We carry out studies to estimate the risk of the coronavirus spread in your buildings. Make sure your existing or future real estate portfolio is well suited to tackling the Covid spread. We provide you with decision-making support to implement means to limit the risks of contamination: better ventilation strategy, installation of purifiers, limitation of the number of people per space, etc.

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