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Covid Study


What is the risk of propagation in your buildings?

Let’s find together the means to limit the risk of contamination

You wish:

  • to assess the risk of coronavirus contamination per room in your building?
  • to adapt and improve your ventilation strategy to limit its spread?
  • to assess the impact of opening windows, supplying fresh air vs air recirculation, filtration, cleaning, limiting the number of people per space or even the general wearing of a mask on propagation virus?

Our study will answer your questions and assist you in your decision-making.

You can also choose the INDALO-COVID solution and do these studies yourself! There is no need for an annual license of INDALO® software to take advantage of this functionality. Less expensive and meeting the needs of your customers, INDALO-COVID allows you to configure your scenarios yourself and estimate the risk of propagation in your buildings.

A complete expert report to make the right decisions

The report of this study includes:

1. Analysis of the results of 4 scenarios to be defined together:

  • classic conditions
  • with flow variation
  • with different types of filtration
  • with window opening
  • with a purifier, etc.

2. The conclusions

3. Recommendations

The birth of INDALO-COVID

INDALO®, our indoor air quality simulation software, was designed to predict the concentrations of pollutants in a building regarding regulatory thresholds and find improvement strategies.

In this, when the SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) arrived in Europe, at Octopus Lab, we felt that we could not add our stone to the building to fight against this new health problem while our profession it is precisely to ensure health in buildings.

So, we began to learn about the current research on COVID-19 and what had been done during the SARS-COV outbreak of 2002. A study from 2017 particularly caught our attention.

Carried out by the Research Department of Boeing and a University of Hong Kong, it focused on the contamination of airplane passengers during commercial flights during which a few sick passengers had contaminated a large part of the aircraft occupants (passengers and cabin crew).

Demo and case studies

Do you want to know more about INDALO-COVID? Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions. We will be happy to share our case studies with you.

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    Estimate the risk of the virus spreading within your building

    We have reproduced the methodology of Boeing’s work and collected all the accessible data specific to SARS-COV-2 to adapt INDALO to this problem. Our software now includes a probability that one or more occupants are sick, based on a random draw with the assumption that an occupant has a 1% risk of being sick.

    From this, we estimate all the possible transfers of the virus:
    – by close contact
    – by transmission in the air of the virus on fine particles exhaled during a coughing fit
    – by touching surfaces contaminated by contact with patients

    We have integrated data from studies that estimated survival times of covid in aerosols, on the surfaces of objects, etc. Finally, from our knowledge of the 2002 SARS-COV, we have an estimate of the dose of SARS-COV-2 to assimilate to have a 50% risk of being contaminated as well.

    The purpose of the exercise? Provide you with an estimate of the risk of the virus spreading within your building.

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    Would you like to contact us to find out more ? We are at your disposal by e-mail but also by telephone.

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