6 November 2017


INDALO is a prehistoric symbol found in a cave located in the south-east of Spain. This cave is one of the first indoor environments where humans lived. This symbol representing someone with a rainbow above his head has been adopted as the symbol of this region.

Since then, in this region, Indalo symbol is used to protect homes and provide luck to their occupants.

Octopus Lab has also the goal to protect people in their indoor environments. Despite we would like to continue this tradition, we don’t want to let the future of people to luck and symbols.

To follow on from this symbol, Octopus Lab is developping INDALO, the answer to simulate indoor air quality during building design process.

As a result, INDALO is an Autodesk Revit plug-in able to predict indoor air quality as soon as possible to help designers to make better choices and design healthy buildings.

The beta version of INDALO will soon be available. If you are interested in being one of the beta-testers, feel free to contact us and suscribe to our newsletter.